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Yang Xunji who was a personage in the Wuzhong district mentioned ‘Suzhou (Wu) docotrs’ in his book “Talk About Suzhou”. Since then, with the development of Wuzhong medicine and the rise of the Science of Epidemic Febrile Disease, ‘Suzhou (Wu Men) Medical School’ had gradually formed.

Suzhou (Wu Men) Medical School has highly regional characteristics. However, its brightest characteristic is described as follows: “Wuzhong is famous for its distinguished doctors and medical books. Suzhou (Wu) doctors advocated the Science of Epidemic Febrile Disease”.

After more than 10 years hardworking, Suzhou (Wu Men) Medical School was established under the Wuzhong cultural background, and further investigations are being conducted. In recent years, books such as “Wuzhong Medical Collection”, “Records of Famous Wuzhong Doctors”, “Wuzhong Distinguished Doctors in Ten Years” and “Wuzhong Secret Recipe Record” have been published one after another. As a result, Suzhou (Wu Men) Medical School has emerged in the stage of traditional Chinese medicine.

Suzhou (Wu Men) Medical School is known throughout the world for its Science of Epidemic Febrile Disease. Suzhou is the birthplace of the School of Epidemic Febrile Disease due to its reginal characteristic of humidity. Especially in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Suzhou was an incidence area with large number of citizens affected with pestilence and epidemic febrile disease, so that an army of doctors such as Wang Lu, Wu Youke and Ye Shitian took a dive into epidemic febrile disease theories and clinical practices. In the early Ming Dynasty, Wang Lu became the founder of this doctrine because of his view “similarities and differences between epidemic febrile disease and typhoid ”. In the Late Ming Dynasty and the Early Qing Dynasty, Wu Youke became the pioneer of the School of Epidemic Febrile Disease. He realized that “There is an unsual pathogen between the earth and the sky”. Ye Shitian’s emergence marked the birth of the School of Epidemic Febrile Disease. Science of Epidemic Febrile Disease stood on its own feet in the family of traditional Chinese medicine with its complete theoretical contents such as causes of disease, symptoms, treatment methods, etc. Science of Epidemic Febrile Disease of Suzhou (Wu Men) Medical School characterized by “focusing on classical theories, being good at absorbing and learning different theories, adept at inventing and innovating, and skillful at writing prescriptions”. After inheriting and advocating by Wang Mengying, Wu Jutong, Zhou Yangjun and Miao Zunyi, School of Epidemic Febrile Disease fulfilled its birth process. The establishment and development of Science of Epidemic Febrile Disease is a great contribution to Suzhou (Wu Men) Medical School.